Europe is not headed for a 'digital war' with the US, Dutch minister says

Netherlands home affairs minister Raymond Knops told CNBC that lawmakers want to ensure that personal information of Europeans is protected by big tech firms.

Ex-Venezuelan Intel Chief Reportedly Goes Missing in Spain Ahead of Extradition to US

Carl Bernstein's advice for viewers watching the Trump impeachment hearings

The impeachment of President Trump will enter a new phase Wednesday at 10am ET when the House Intelligence Committee's hearing is gaveled in.

Chile's finance minister calls for return to 'normality' as peso slides

Chile's finance minister warned of the "grave consequences" for the nation's economy of three weeks of often violent unrest, after the peso slid 4% to hit a historic low against the dollar.

Shocking VIDEO shows Hong Kong mob savagely beating woman with metal rods

A disturbing video shows a woman being surrounded and beaten by masked protesters in Hong Kong. The unsettling footage comes as authorities struggle to clamp down on worsening violence in the semi-autonomous city.

Ukrainian energy company tied to Hunter Biden supported American think tank, paid for trips

Burisma gave more than $450,000 to the Atlantic Council, a prominent Washington think tank.

Bolivia Senate Leader Jeanine Añez Declares Herself President

Former President Evo Morales stepped down on Sunday at the “suggestion” of his country’s military chief following several tumultuous weeks of protests.

White House plans "aggressive" strategy to counter open impeachment hearings

Staff will be set up to "react in real time" with a "rapid response"

Man killed as tensions flare in Lebanon after Aoun interview

President urges end to weeks-long demonstrations, sparking new wave of protests during which man is shot by army.

India's 'God of Cricket' Sachin Tendulkar Now Has Spider Namesake

New Delhi (Sputnik): Although cricket is not India’s national game, it makes Indians happy, excited, and proud. The degree to which cricket has consumed its Indian fans becomes apparent when people go out of their way to pay tribute to the game or their favourite players.

World War 3: Russia submarines launch underwater warfare in Scottish waters - Moscow says

RUSSIAN nuclear fast attack submarines have twice staged underwater ‘duels’ while also testing NATO defences between Scotland, Iceland and Greenland in the Atlantic, say reports in Moscow.

Exclusive: ‘I don’t want to go back to Libya,’ plead migrants trying to flee

In the third of FRANCE 24’s special reports from Libya, Catherine Norris Trent, Julie Dungelhoeff and Abdallah Malkawi expose the horrors suffered by migrants intercepted by Libyan authorities in the…