Grave of 'real-life Asterix' who fought Caesar found amid trove of weapons and possessions in West S

The grave of a real-life Asterix containing what is believed to be an ancient Gallic warrior who came to Britain and fought Julius Caesar has been discovered, archaeologists have announced.

Mayflower steps allegedly found under bathroom in English pub

Perhaps the most famous steps in history, the Mayflower Steps have supposedly been located in a surprising, yet somewhat cheeky spot — under a women’s restroom in an English pub. A set of ste…

Bike-hailing startups in Lagos may soon have to pay thousands of dollars in state fees

Bike-hailing startups in Lagos now face paying multi-million naira annual licensing fees and five-fold union levies.

UFC champ Jon Jones accused of slapping waitress’ genitals

Jon Jones may be the best to ever step into the octagon, but his record in the court of public opinion continues to disappoint. The UFC light heavyweight champion is facing a battery charge, follow…

Opinion: This is what’s really behind strong consumer spending in Brexit Britain

There are signs that today’s consumers are not quite the gung-ho big spenders of old

Novak Djokovic’s marriage under fire after wife’s Wimbledon absence

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic’s marriage is under scrutiny after wife Jelena — his “rock” — missed his Wimbledon win. The 33-year-old did not attend any of his matches at the tournament …

Charges dropped against man involved in street fight with A$AP Rocky

“Charges have been dropped against one of the men — only one of the two men was under investigation after the bodyguard’s counter-notice,” a spokesperson told Page Six.

The Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and air fryer is $50 off at Amazon

Two must-have appliances in one.

Equifax to pay at least $575M as part of FTC settlement

The credit reporting company may have to pay up to $700 million over a 2017 data breach.

UK economy will weaken even if we avoid no-deal Brexit, leading think tank forecasts

If Britain leaves without a deal, the economy will stagnate next year, although there is also a high probability it will contract, NIESR says

Marcos Alonso reveals how Frank Lampard plans to get the best out of him

The Spaniard struggled to make an impression under Maurizio Sarri last season but is hoping to find his feet again

Why Do So Many Superhero Shows Struggle on Streaming?

What makes superheroes great may not work well as a binge.