US Prosecutors Decline Sexual Assault Charges Against Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo

Nevada’s Clark County District Attorney’s Office announced Monday that it will not go ahead with sexual assault charges against Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo will not face charges in 'rape' case

The Portuguese football star will not face charges after being accused of rape in Las Vegas.

Cristiano Ronaldo will not face charges after being accused of rape, prosecutors say

Prosecutors say they will not file criminal charges against footballer Cristiano Ronaldo after he was accused of inviting a woman up to his penthouse suite in Las Vegas then raping her. More follows…

Thief robbed visiting Arena Football team during game

A thief snuck into an Arena Football team’s locker room and made off with a few thousand in cash while the players were on the field Sunday night in New York. The Carolina Cobras were up 46-0…

Trump turns tables on ‘Squad,’ calls reps ‘very racist’ as feud drags on

President Trump's feud with four freshman congresswomen known collectively as the "Squad" dragged into its second week as the president sought Monday to flip the script on those accusing him of stirring racial tensions. 

Post-apocalypse US: Russian fan turns iconic ‘Electric State’ comic into movie before Hollywood

‘Electric State’ the movie, based on the breathtaking artwork of Swedish illustrator Simon Stalenhag, has at last been confirmed. And one Russian artist has already provided a glimpse of how the post-apocalyptic flick might look.

Swedish prosecutors drop investigation into man in fight with A$AP Rocky

Swedish prosecutors have dropped their investigation of a man they say was involved in a fight with American rapper A$AP Rocky.

Liberal activists turning away from Bernie

Warren has cut into the front-runner's standing.

Harry Styles was the cutest child ever as baby photo is unearthed

The tarantula he's casually posing with...not so much.

Drowning mother made one final call from sinking car that saved daughter's life

Tragic Kathy Paredes, 35, was able to dial her husband after smashing her white Jeep Compass into a lake, helping rescuers find her young daughter shortly before she would have drowned

Note to G7 guests: Trump Doral pools have not been inspected by health officials

There are no pool inspection records on file for the Doral. Other Trump property pools in Florida failed numerous health inspections.

Equifax to pay $700 million over 2017 data breach, compensate...

Credit-reporting company Equifax Inc will pay up to $700 million to settle U.S. federal and state probes into a massive 2017 data breach of personal information that affected around 147 million consum...