Flags are blowing in the direction of social change, so the money-driven NFL appears to be following

Roger Goodell's video suggests that not only is public sentiment regarding protests different this time around, the NFL thinks that's where the money will be.

Adrian Peterson says NFL players are 'all ready to take a knee together' during national anthem

Adrian Peterson said players are ready to kneel again.

‘Embarrassed’ NFL employee secretly created ‘I am George Floyd’ video

The first step on the road to Roger Goodell’s admission that he and the NFL “were wrong” was taken by a league employee going rogue. The video that included Saquon Barkley, Patric…

How a 'rogue' employee forced NFL, Goodell into new Black Lives Matter stance

NFL employees were "angry" and "exasperated." One went behind the league's back to force Roger Goodell to take a stand against racism.

Saints players praise Drew Brees for response to Trump's criticism: 'Apology is a form of true leade

Malcolm Jenkins was among the first critics to slam New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees for his comments against kneeling during the national anthem but on Friday Jenkins was the first to back his teammate for addressing President Trump’s criticism of his subsequent apology for those remarks. 

'NFL now realise they haven't listened'

The NFL's U-turn in allowing players to protest against racial injustice shows the league now realises "they haven't listened", says BBC pundit Jason Bell.

The NFL did the unthinkable: it gave Donald Trump the middle finger

After years of a spineless policy of appeasement, the league finally detached itself from the president and his exploitation of the flag and military

NFL admits to being 'wrong' over Colin Kaepernick and promises Black Lives Matter action

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has spoken out in support of player protests, as he encouraged the Black Lives Matter movement.

'We were wrong': Goodell admits NFL should have listened to players on protests

The NFL commissioner said the league made mistakes in not listening to players in a video on Friday denouncing racism in the United States

‘NO KNEELING!’ – Trump criticises Brees for NFL protest apology

Brees initially said this week he would ‘never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag’ before backtracking and issuing and apology

NFL boss says 'we were wrong' over stance on player protests – but Trump yells 'NO KNEELING'

The NFL is on an apparent collision course with President Donald Trump after commissioner Roger Goodell said the league "was wrong for not listening to players earlier" in the row over protests against racial inequality in the US.

NFL says player protests will be allowed as rally against racial inequality continues

Commissioner Roger Goodell admitted the league had been at fault for not listening to players’ protests