Brexit extension unavoidable if MPs reject deal, says Merkel

German chancellor tells EU leaders UK should be offered extension if it is requested

Graffiti emerges at the Irish border after Boris Johnson’s EU deal

Critics say Northern Ireland has been 'siphoned off' in order to get a deal passed.

Alaska Airlines flight carrying 42 people overshoots runway, injuring passengers

Two people were critically injured and 10 others injured Thursday evening when a plane carrying 42 people – including a high school swim team — overshot a runway in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands,…

US tariffs on French wine, Airbus and Scottish whisky come into force

The United States imposed tariffs on a record 7.5-billion dollars worth of European Union goods on Friday, despite threats of retaliation, with Airbus, French wine and Scottish whiskies among the high-profile targets.

Ex-NFL defensive lineman accused of shooting woman, told police he was hiding from Russian Mafia

A former NFL defensive lineman was arrested Wednesday after allegedly shooting a woman at a Colorado business.

Blackstone's financing for Merlin deal unsettles bond market

A buyout consortium led by Blackstone sent a frisson through debt markets this week as it took advantage of a booming appetite for bonds to push through aggressive terms on financing for its leveraged...

Emirates boss says third Heathrow runway may not go ahead

Sir Tim Clark says other UK airports will benefit from any expansion delay at Britain’s busiest airport

Yankees season rests on James Paxton, the pitcher Cashman did get

Well, for all the talk about the many golden arms that have slipped through the Yankees’ fingers these past few years, their 2019 season now rests on a high-end pitcher who Brian Cashman actually d…

To bring Hong Kong back to normal, violence must stop, politician says ahead of weekend protests

Earlier this week, a package of housing initiatives was introduced and Chan says those measures are the first step to returning the city to "normalcy."

Brexit deal: All the latest updates

New Brexit deal brokered between Britain and the European Union will be put to UK parliament on Saturday.

Turkey agrees to suspend Syria offensive while Kurds withdraw

Turkey agreed on Thursday to pause its offensive in Syria for five days to let Kurdish forces withdraw from a “safe zone” Ankara had sought to capture, in a deal hailed by Washington but which Turkish...

Court to hear Russian's claim that Apple 'turned him gay'

A Moscow court on Thursday holds a preliminary hearing in the case of a Russian man who is suing US tech giant Apple for allegedly turning him gay. He is seeking 1 million rubles (S$21,295) in damages from Apple for sending him a cryptocurrency known as GayCoin instead of the Bitcoin he had ordered. The bizarre civil suit has been filed in a coun