UN commission agrees roadmap on ensuring women’s social protection, mobility, safety, and access to

The UN body exclusively dedicated to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment wrapped up its annual session on Friday evening with agreement on ways to safeguard  and improve women’s and girls’ access to social protection systems, public services and sustainable infrastructure.

Olivia Jade Giannulli blames her parents for ‘ruining her life’

Lori Loughlin's internet-famous daughter is fuming at her parents for “ruining her life” by allegedly scamming the YouTube star's way into college, reports said.

Arsenal star returns early from international duty after suffering injury blow

Bad news for the Gunners.

Simone Missick To Star In New CBS Legal Drama ‘Courthouse’

The former Luke Cage star will lead the forthcoming pilot, written by Greg Spottiswood and directed by Mike Robin, from Warner Bros. TV.

WATCH Tourists Flock to Ancient Aleppo Citadel Once Besieged by Terrorists

During brutal street fighting for control of the city, terrorists managed to blow up a portion of the ancient UNESCO Heritage Site, with the ancient castle structure helping to defend Syrian troops besieged by jihadists in neighbouring areas for years on end before Aleppo was finally completely liberated in late 2016.

Ralph Fiennes speaks out over Liam Neeson race row

Actor and director, who is promoting his new film White Crow, has spoken out for the second time this month in defence of his former co-star

How NATO bombed Serbs into submission and left toxic legacy behind (DOCUMENTARY)

Two decades ago, NATO started its 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich revisits the Balkans to recall how the intervention happened and see the harm the people in the Balkans still suffer from.

French police ban 'yellow vest' protesters from Champs-Elysees

Polls show 70 percent of the public in France are disturbed by how far the movement has moved away from its original roots.

BBC accused of "cultural colonialism" after drama set in Wales dominated by English characters

The BBC has been accused of “cultural colonialism” over a new drama which is set in Wales but has an English character at its core.

The 40 greatest film soundtracks of all time

Before The Greatest Showman or A Star is Born, there have been scores that have become etched into the cultural zeitgeist because they captured moments that spoke to us long after the final credits roll

IS loses all territory but its shadowy leader still at large

The Islamic State group has lost all the territory it once controlled in Iraq and Syria, but its shadowy leader and self-proclaimed "caliph" is still at large.

LA Lakers savagely trolled with hilarious 'One Shining Moment' video after NBA playoff hopes end

The LA Lakers were mathematically eliminated from the race for the NBA Playoffs on Friday night, thanks to a 111-106 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, as one fan trolled the star-studded Californian team with a spoof highlight montage.