Mom wants you to put your phone down more than flowers, report says

OpenTable is offering rewards to those who don't look at their phones while dining out on Mother's Day.

Over 90 Poll Workers Die of Exhaustion During Indonesian Elections

Indonesia held the world's largest single-day vote on April 17, 2019; those involved in the process faced tremendous logistical challenges.

Congress deadline looms for release of Trump tax returns

The U.S. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service faced a final deadline on Tuesday for handing over President Donald Trump's tax returns to Democrats in Congress, in a showdown that could mire the ...

Rudy Giuliani: There's 'Nothing Wrong' With Trump Campaign Taking Information From Russians

Robert Mueller's report detailed over 100 interactions between Trump's associates and Russians

China’s military THREAT: Beijing shows off Type 55 destroyer in warning to Trump and West

CHINA has flexed its increasingly well-developed military muscles with a spectacular naval display featuring the country’s brand new warships and submarines.

Oil prices SOAR to near SIX-MONTH high as Trump ENDS Iran sanction exemptions

OIL prices jumped to near six-month highs today after the United States announced it will stop exempting countries from sanctions on Iran.

The Memo: GOP banks on Biden falling in primary

Republicans are banking on former Vice President Biden losing the Democratic primary because they worry he would be the strongest candidate against President Trump in a general election.

Democrats blink on immediate impeachment of Trump; Sanders favors letting Boston Marathon bomber vot

Trump’s hardline on Iran catches oil markets off-guard

Oil prices spiked on the back of news that the Trump administration would not extend the Iran sanction waivers, a decision that will likely increase oil market volatility.

Did Melania and Donald Trump have PUBLIC ROW over dinner? Shock Mar-a-Lago claim emerges

DONALD and Melania Trump had a tense dinner at Mar-a-Lago according to a shock claim, during which the couple “had words” and the First Lady was left “upset”.

Democratic presidential candidates divided over impeaching Trump

A group of Democratic presidential candidates were divided on Monday over whether Republican President Donald Trump should be impeached, reflecting a broader split in the Democratic Party over how to ...

Trump: Congress 'can't impeach' him

President Donald Trump said Monday that Congress "can't impeach" him over the findings of the Mueller report into Russian election meddling and his alleged attempts to hamper the investigation. Defiantly insisting that he did nothing wrong, Trump also denied a portrait of dysfunction in