Trump ‘suggested firing nuclear weapons at hurricanes to stop them hitting US’

‘Needless to say, this is not a good idea...’

Jets downplaying major conundrum headed their way

It was a final dress rehearsal, except with multiple stand-ins. The Jets first-team offense took the field together for the final time Saturday night before the games count for real in two weeks, b…

Top aides say Trump still determined to hike China tariffs

Trump confused the situation Sunday when asked at the G-7 summit whether he is having second thoughts about ratcheting up the trade war with China.

Jose Ramirez injury delivers huge blow to Indians’ playoff push

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Indians have been dealt a major blow at the worst time possible. Third baseman José Ramírez, whose hitting tear has aligned with Cleveland’s surge in the standings, …

Call him King Trump

Jane Greenway Carr looks back on what commentators had to say this week about President Trump's words about powerful women (and his favorite subject, himself), the deepest betrayal of America, finding our body-positive selves, listening to what the 1990s have to tell us -- and much more.

Workplaces must protect women going through menopause, say MPs

Action urged as research shows the impact of symptoms on large proportion of workforce

MLB needs to decide who Players Weekend is for

Three years into the Players Weekend experiment, MLB needs a course correction.

MIT scientists say new skin patch to deliver cancer medication in 60 seconds shows promise in mice

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed the patch, which was made to fight melanoma, a deadly but highly treatable form of skin cancer.

G7 protests: Thousands march against summit

Most protesters say they are fed up with what they regard as elite politicians who are out of touch with ordinary people. Tags

Is Michelle Obama the only person who could beat Trump? Veteran columnist has his say

MICHELLE OBAMA might just be the only person capable of stopping Donald Trump winning a second term as US President according to a veteran columnist.

President Trump promised a major tax cut if he and GOP wins in 2020

"If Republicans take back the House, and keep the Senate and Presidency, one of our first acts will be to approve a major middle income Tax Cut!"

Democrats can’t just unwind Trump’s foreign policy

Through executive orders, regulatory changes, political maneuvers and sometimes mere neglect, the president has overseen major, possibly permanent, shifts in U.S. foreign policy.