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Facebook, other tech giants should stop suppressing speech - Francheval News
Pakistani PM says he's willing to talk but warns India

Khan said in a televised speech that, should there be an attack from India, "Pakistan will not merely think of retaliation, but rather, we will retaliate."

Trump 'not mentally well,' should be removed under 25th Amendment, former Bush ethics attorney says

President Donald Trump is “not well at all mentally” and Congress needs to remove him under the 25th Amendment, former President George W. Bush’s chief ethics attorney Richard Painter said Monday.

Indian Star With Pakistani Husband Should Be Dismissed as Brand Ambassador - MP

The demand comes in the wake of a jihadist attack in India which killed scores of security personnel - some believe it was carried out at Pakistan's behest. Indian Tennis sensation and serial Grand Slam champion Sania Mirza is married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik.

China's to lay off 10 percent of senior executives this... Inc, one of China's largest e-commerce sites, will lay off 10 percent of its senior executives this year, Chinese online media outlet Sina Tech reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources.

This hit app is a symbol of the uneasy relationship between China’s tech giants and the Party

An app to help the Communist Party promote its ideology has become the top download on Apple's China app store.

Jihadi Bride is a Traitor

Jihadi Bride, Shamima Begum, will soon be back in Blighty and free to live amongst us on hot and cold running benefits and no number of petitions or outraged tweets are going to stop this happening.

Theresa May to hold cabinet meeting as ministers warn her to ‘stop using no-deal threat in negotiati

Follow all the latest updates from Westminster

Corrie knife twist, EastEnders cancer shock, and 10 other soap spoilers

Take a gander at these pic spoilers.

Honda confirms Swindon car plant closure

The move will cost thousands of jobs and comes as other Japanese firms cut UK investment.

Venezuelan Government Accuses US of Threatening With Military Aggression

The US military has been airlifting food, medical supplies and other products to a Colombian border town despite President Maduro blocking the way for their delivery to Venezuela. The US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido has declared 23 February as the day humanitarian aid would enter the country.

Calls for 'Swedish Guantanamo' After Trump's Plea to Take Back Jihadists

Sweden should follow the American example and set up a Guantanamo Bay detention camp of its own to tackle the threat from returning jihadists, conservative debater and US expert Ronnie Berggren has argued.

Burden of victory: What should happen to European ISIL prisoners?

Fate of more than 1,000 European ISIL fighters, detained by Kurdish forces in northern Syria, hangs in the balance.