Why the media is tiptoeing around Trump's mental state - CNN Video

CNN's Brian Stelter calls on the media to have more coverage and conversation around President Donald Trump's mental state.

Jim DeMint: Mass shootings driven more by 'culture' than lack of gun control, can't be solved by Con

Following increased calls for gun control after the shootings in El Paso and Dayton, former U.S. Senator, Jim Demint said gun violence is a cultural issue that cannot be solved through federal regulation and legislation. 

Ben Powell: 'More government in medicine' would make health care 'even worse,' look at Venezuela

Socialized medicine in the United States would make health care worse in terms of both quality and availability, according to economist and author Benjamin Powell.

Plants are now being prescribed to help people with anxiety and depression

Patients get plants to care for at home and are encouraged to bring them back to plant in a communal garden.

Democrats’ health care split squeezes Senate contenders

Republican strategists are already working relentlessly to tie vulnerable Democratic incumbents to Medicare for All.

A new nutrition group wants portion control to be the next diet movement

Overconsumption of nutrient-poor calories is believed to have contributed to the rise of several deadly health diseases.

California health officials warn of possible measles exposure at Disneyland, Universal Studios

California health officials say visitors to Disneyland, Universal Studios and other tourist destinations in the Los Angeles area may have been exposed to measles earlier this month.

Solskjaer calls on vile racist abuse to stop after Rashford targeted on Twitter

It comes just days after Paul Pogba was also abused after missing a spot kick against Wolves

France's Macron sets out key talking points for a 'useful' G7 summit

In a televised speech at the beach resort of Biarritz, French president Emmanuel Macron said he wants G7 members to focus on the defence of democracy, gender equality, education and the environment and has invited Asian, African and Latin American...

Patient dies in US from lung disease after vaping

WASHINGTON - A patient who had recently been vaping has died in hospital in the Midwestern US state of Illinois after developing severe respiratory illness, the local health authority said Friday. The adult, whose age and gender have not been released, was one of 153 people across 16 states sickened by the illness since the end of June, according

Boris Johnson calls for removal of US-China trade tariffs

UK prime minister says two countries risk being blamed for global economic downturn

Trump's tariffs on monkeys could 'severely damage' US medical research and send labs to China

As demand for lab monkeys continues to rise, U.S. scientists are reporting delays in research projects because they can't obtain enough animals, according to the National Institutes of Health.