MLB spring training 2.0, without usual fun, will be unlike any other

Usually, these days are sleepy, routine formalities, the adult equivalent of returning to school after a long summer vacation. Players trickle into Port St. Lucie on the east coast of Florida, and …

SoFi Stadium, home to Rams and Chargers, hangs largest video scoreboard of its kind, weighing over 2

Two Los Angeles NFL teams made the joint announcement Wednesday that they now have the largest video scoreboard in the world: a 2.2 million-pound, 70,000-square-foot behemoth that officials say boasts more than 80 million pixels.

Florida man shown punching Eagles’ Dallas Goedert shares his side of brawl

The Florida man who was caught on surveillance video knocking out NFL player Dallas Goedert at a bar last month said the Philadelphia Eagles tight end and several others had been “harassing&#…

Cards replace Yanks as White Sox opponent at Field of Dreams

The St. Louis Cardinals have replaced the New York Yankees as the opponent for the Chicago White Sox in the Field of Dreams game on Aug. 13 at Dyersville, Iowa.

Rookie Shane Lemieux reminding Giants of champion Rich Seubert

He heard it from both of them. From Chris Snee and also from Shaun O’Hara. Rich Seubert heard from his former teammates that Shane Lemieux, the kid the Giants selected in the fifth round of the NFL…

NFL cutting preseason in half, pushing back start: report

The NFL will cut its preseason in half and push back the start of exhibition play so teams have more time to train following an all virtual offseason made necessary by the coronavirus pandemic, a person with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press.

Cardinals to replace Yankees in Field of Dreams game

The St. Louis Cardinals have replaced the New York Yankees as the opponent for the Chicago White Sox in the Field of Dreams game on Aug. 13 at Dyersville, Iowa. The schedule change caused by the ne…

LeBron James' group touts sports venues as mega-voting sites

If basketball icon LeBron James gets his way, NBA arenas and other sports venues around the country will be mega polling sites for the November general election.

Lionel Messi scores his 700th career goal, but Barcelona and its title push are collapsing (video)

Only six other players have ever surpassed the 700-goal mark, but Messi's achievement did little to help Barcelona against Atletico Madrid.

Man who punched Eagles' Dallas Goedert says he was protecting friends

Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert was attacked at a South Dakota restaurant last month, and the initial video showed that he was sucker-punched unprovoked. However, the man who punched Goedert has spoken out and he said that it wasn’t a cheap shot. He claimed that he was protecting a friend, and suffered injuries as well.

NFL 2020 preseason will be cut in half

Coronavirus will cut the NFL preseason in half. The league is expected to announce Thursday that Week 1 and Week 4 of its exhibition slate will be scrapped, according to a Pro Football Talk report,…

Lampard bemoans defensive errors and missed opportunities

The Blues missed out on going third after a disappointing defeat at the London Stadium