Fred VanVleet on building his brand 'Bet on Yourself'

Fred VanVleet has made a name for himself on and off the court. In both cases, he bet on himself.

Astros turn to Justin Verlander to close out Yankees

Justin Verlander has been put in just about every situation on the mound and come out of them all as one of the game’s best pitchers. Even so, his accomplishments do not protect him from the nerves…

Yankees’ nightmare encapsulated in this one inning

After the Yankees squandered a terrific chance to break the game open — and perhaps knock out Zack Greinke — in the first inning Thursday, they saw another opportunity materialize during their 8-3 …

Japan may be capturing the imagination, but they could also save rugby union

In an age where bigger is always better, Japan’s evasive and passing-dependent game could be key in protecting the sport and those who play it

Everything you thought you knew about Ronaldo is wrong

The Century: This week, The Independent is counting down the 100 best players of the last twenty years. At No 6 is the most misunderstood player of the millennium

China's economic growth slowest in almost 30 years - business live

Rolling coverage of the latest business and economic news, as fresh data shows Chinese GDP grew at its weakest rate since the early 1990s

EastEnders and Corrie deaths, Emmerdale explosion and 22 more soap spoilers

A major week of soap dramas revealed with death and destruction aplenty.

Once ‘Savage’ Yankees in danger of going out with a whimper

Months had passed since the Yankees lost two straight games at home to the same team. Heck, the whole summer came and went without that occurring. The Yankees lost two in a row in The Bronx to Balt…

Heavy fighting erupts as El Chapo's son goes free

Security forces and cartel gunmen clash after drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's son is discovered.

To bring Hong Kong back to normal, violence must stop, politician says ahead of weekend protests

Earlier this week, a package of housing initiatives was introduced and Chan says those measures are the first step to returning the city to "normalcy."

Cartel Gunmen Chase Away Security Forces, Free El Chapo's Son

Ovidio Guzman's brief apprehension triggered intense gunbattles across the city of Culiacan.

Brexit deal: All the latest updates

New Brexit deal brokered between Britain and the European Union will be put to UK parliament on Saturday.