Trump says 'dangerous' Huawei could be included in U.S.-China trade...

President Donald Trump said on Thursday U.S. complaints against Huawei Technologies Co Ltd might be resolved within the framework of a U.S.-China trade deal, while at the same time calling the Chinese...

Trump orders intelligence community to cooperate with review on...

U.S. President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr's review of the events that prompted an investigation into links between...

Trump’s Walkout Hits a Wall

Real, pretend or imaginary—it doesn’t matter. The president needs to replace the theatrical tantrum with a political tactic that works.

Trump says US-China trade deal could include Huawei

Washington - President Donald Trump on Thursday for the first time linked a dispute over telecom giant Huawei, which he views as a threat to American security, with a deal to resolve the US-China trade war. "Huawei is something that is very dangerous," Trump told reporters at the White House. "You look at what they've done from a security standpoin

'There’s a danger here': Trump warns Democrats about impeachment

President Trump responded to a Democratic push for an impeachment inquiry by saying he would not work with Congress until investigations ended.

'Extremely stable genius': Trump defends his mental fitness as he tears into Pelosi

The speaker says he needs "an intervention." The president says "she's lost it."

Trump says Huawei could be part of trade deal

Huawei could feature in a US-China trade pact despite being "very dangerous", says the US president.

Pelosi says Trump 'is engaged in a cover-up' — drawing his fury

The House speaker slammed the president’s efforts to stonewall ongoing congressional investigations amid calls from some members of her party for his impeachment.

Trump orders intelligence agencies help Barr with probe into Russia investigation

President Trump on Thursday evening ordered the intelligence community to cooperate with Attorney General William Barr’s probe into the origins of the Russia investigation — and gave Barr the…

Donald Trump: I am an 'Extremely Stable Genius,' Nancy Pelosi Is a 'Mess'

Both Pelosi and Schumer said that the president was furious and angry during their meeting, which Trump denied. 

Election Trends in Netherlands Show Growing Support for Euroscepticism

Voters in the UK and the Netherlands are casting their ballots on Thursday in the European Parliamentary election. While Brexit sets the mood in the UK, Dutch Nexit proponents appear to be gaining popularity in Holland.

Trump makes unannounced visit to Arlington cemetery

President Trump on Thursday made an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day.