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Bezos’ investigators conclude mistress’ brother is source behind leak - Francheval News
German government unlikely to make quick decision on Huawei: source

The German government will probably not take a quick decision on whether to allow China's Huawei to build Germany's 5G network, a government source said on Tuesday.

Elliott takes 6.1 percent stake in Dutch Intertrust

Paul Elliott Singer, the hedge fund manager behind activist investor Elliott, has taken a 6.1 percent stake in Dutch trust and business administration company Intertrust, according to a filing publish...

Why New York City shouldn’t give up on Amazon just yet

What do Sonny Gray and Jeff Bezos have in common? Neither the Yankees’ once-heralded ex-starting pitcher nor Bezos, who controls Amazon, could take the kind of pressure that New York can dish out. …

The man and philosophy behind the Mets’ analytics revolution

PORT ST. LUCIE — The talk here at Mets camp, in the wake of a hellacious two-year run that spared few, is of tearing down walls. Breaking down barriers. Speaking a universal language. Can Adam Gutt…

Alibaba is reportedly the force behind hit Chinese propaganda app

A Chinese government propaganda app that recently became a huge hit was developed by Alibaba, two people at the company told Reuters, at a time when the nation's tech firms are under global scrutiny over their ties to Beijing.

Why Jussie Smollett may have staged his attack

“When the letter didn’t get enough attention, he concocted the staged attack,” a source told the network.

Indian security forces ‘shoot dead’ mastermind behind terror attack that killed 44 soldiers

Nine people died when soldiers clashed with suspected militants during a village search

‘Mastermind’ of Kashmir suicide car bomb attack killed after 12-hour siege

The suspected mastermind behind the terrorist attack in Pulwama in the disputed Kashmir region that took the lives of 44 paramilitary police officers has been killed by Indian security forces following a 12-hour gun battle.

The Interview - Nadia Ghulam: Being a man was 'the only way to survive' under the Taliban

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1985, Nadia Ghulam was traumatised at the age of 8 during the civil war. A bomb flattened her home, killing her brother, destroying her parents' livelihood and leaving her badly disfigured. Under the Taliban, women were not allowed to work. In order to support her family, Ghulam decided at age 11 to take on her brother

Ariana Grande congratulates brother Frankie on 20 months of sobriety

“You’re a superhero and u make me very proud,” Ariana said of her older brother.

Ariana Grande congratulates brother Frankie on 20 months of sobriety

“You’re a superhero and u make me very proud,” Ariana said of her older brother.

Man used laundered money to pay off £96,000 court order for fraud

HMRC investigators were shocked by the fraudster's 'cheek'.