Trump suggested nuking hurricanes: Report

WASHINGTON - US President Donald Trump suggested dropping nuclear bombs on hurricanes before they made landfall in the United States, Axios reported Sunday (Aug 25). During a hurricane briefing, Mr Trump asked if it were possible to disrupt hurricanes forming off the coast of Africa by dropping a nuclear bomb in the eye of the storm, Axios wrote.

Yankees send huge message with takedown of Dodgers

LOS ANGELES — Those embarrassing pajamas masquerading as big-league uniforms have thankfully vanished just as the Yankees sent a message to the baseball universe that they are capable of staying ar…

Let college kids work longer summers to pay their bills

As the dog days of summer ­meander to their end, where have all the college kids gone? They’re mostly back at school, weeks before Labor Day, during a time most of them can be banking money for the…

Charlize Theron Posts Rare Pic of Her Daughter During Family Vacation

They're still in #OOO mode

Stephen Miller: Trump Exploring Legal Options to End Anchor Baby Policy

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller says Trump is reviewing "all legal options" to end the country's birthright citizenship policy.

MLB Players’ Weekend isn’t the disaster it’s made out to be

LOS ANGELES — Let’s start with the obvious: These Players’ Weekend uniforms stunk. Or did they? “They were dope,” my 15-year-old son told The Post. How many approving 15-year-olds neutralize disapp…

McIlroy banks $15 million with Tour Championship, FedEx Cup wins

Victory at the Tour Championship in Atlanta on Sunday will not completely erase the disappointment of a futile season at the majors for Rory McIlroy, but it may be worth far more than the $15 million ...

Glittering Griezmann nets double including stunning second as Barca beat Real Betis

Big-money summer signing Antoine Griezmann scored his first La Liga goals for Barcelona as they came from behind to beat Real Betis at the Nou Camp and secure their first win of the season.

Mets’ magical run grinds to halt as Braves finish off sweep

In a good news/bad news proposition for the Mets, they finish the season with three games against the Braves at Citi Field. By then, there is a strong chance the Braves won’t be playing for anythin…

British citizens born in US risk having UK bank accounts frozen

Britons who left US as children being chased by their banks for a US tax ID they do not have

Jimmy Garoppolo quells fears after dreadful preseason debut

What a difference five days can make. Jimmy Garoppolo was awful Monday night in his first NFL game action since tearing his ACL last September, but in the 49ers’ dress rehearsal Saturday nigh…

When You Are So Bored: Siberian Husky Chases Its Tail

An animal chasing its own tale, also called whirling, is natural behaviour often observed among various species of predators. According to specialists, tail chasing is a form of playing that young hunters engage in when they have free time.