Raiders pretended Jon Gruden was hospitalized with coronavirus

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It seems Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has taken that to heart. When Raiders players logged into a Zoom me…

Cardinals cleared to travel, return to field after latest round of coronavirus tests

The St. Louis Cardinals are on track to resume their season this weekend after the latest round of coronavirus tests.

Raiders coaching staff sends warning to players by pretending Jon Gruden was hospitalized due to cor

The Las Vegas Raiders took a different approach to show their players the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Eight UCLA football players test positive for coronavirus

At least eight players on the UCLA football team tested positive for the novel coronavirus, according to the director of Los Angeles County’s public health department. 

Pac-12 builds escape hatch for schools to ditch college football — and pay for it later

The Pac-12 has organized a loan program that could allow its schools to cover lost revenue. It'd be a band-aid, but it might be the only option for that conference and all others amid the coronavirus pandemic.

England ready to play cricket in Pakistan again, says Chris Silverwood

Chris Silverwood, the England head coach, believes his team are ready to play cricket in Pakistan amid talk that a return visit to the country should be one of the pay-offs for getting this summer’s Test series played

Amid tenuous times, Big Ten reveals flexible 2020 football schedule

The Big Ten is now scheduled to be the first major conference to kick off the 2020 football season, as the league’s opening schedule is slated for Sept. 5.

LSU players on new helmet face shields: 'I can’t f—king breathe under this thing'

LSU linebacker Soni Fonua and offensive lineman Austin Deculus appeared to have a tough time Friday with the new helmets to prevent players from contracting the coronavirus while out on the field.

Anger at the Emirates: Fans stunned as Arsenal blame COVID-19 for AXING 55 jobs, despite rumors of H

FA Cup winners Arsenal are facing a barrage of negative publicity after announcing that 55 jobs within the club are to be cut due to the coronavirus pandemic, as boss Mikel Arteta plots several lucrative transfer deals.

Supervisory council recommends firing Russian anti-doping chief Yuri Ganus amid financial irregulari

The supervisory council of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) has recommended that the Board of founders dismiss the organization’s chief, Yuri Ganus, following an audit that discovered financial violations.

Club pros at PGA see COVID-related surge in golf back home

As one of the 20 club pros making a start at the PGA Championship this week, Rob Labritz finds himself in possession of one of the most coveted tee times in golf.

NFL players taking coronavirus opt-outs will still be paid: Here's how much

Any player considered a “high-risk” case for COVID-19 is eligible for a $350,000 stipend.