Meet the lawyer at the center of the Trump universe

Marc Mukasey has deep, personal connections within President Trump’s orbit, and he has worked on a number of high-profile cases involving the president.

House Democrats to vote on restoration of Voting Rights Act this month

House Democrats will vote this month on a bill intended to lay the foundation for a restoration of the full Voting Rights Act, a significant step in a years-long effort to respond to a 2013 Supreme Court decision that significantly weakened the law.

Trump's position on supporting Iran protests: No, yes and no comment

In the course of a single day, President Trump on Tuesday gave a “no comment,” a “no” and a “yes” in response to questions about whether the U.S. supported antigovernment protesters in Iran.

'No Malarkey': Biden could shock the pundits and win

Biden doesn’t actually need to win Iowa or New Hampshire to accrue the 1,990 pledged delegates required to clinch the nomination. He simply needs to hold onto black voters in Southern states and urban areas.

Plane crash kills nine, injures three in South Dakota

A plane crash in the US state of South Dakota killed nine people, including two children, and injured three others on Saturday while a winter storm warning was in place, officials said. The Pilatus PC-12, a single-engine turboprop plane, crashed shortly after take-off approximately a mile from the Chamberlain

Top Navy SEAL faces uncertain future after Trump intervention

The Navy's top SEAL could not have imagined that his effort to confront discipline issues would result in being publicly and repeatedly countermanded by the president of the United States. 

Trump in Fox News rant says he still is looking for nonexistent DNC server

President Trump elaborated on one of his favorite theories, involving a missing Democratic National Committee server, during a Friday morning phone-in Fox News interview that was rambling and conspiratorial even to the taste of his friendly interviewers on “Fox & Friends.”

PHOTOS: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters

Police breached a Hong Kong university campus held by protesters early Monday after an all-night siege that included firing repeated barrages of tear gas and water cannons. Anti-government protesters have barricaded themselves inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University for days.

Stefanik embraces spotlight at impeachment hearings

The second day of the impeachment inquiry’s public hearings, on Friday, began the same way as the first: with an attempt by Rep. Elise Stefanik, a New York Republican, to interrupt proceedings with a procedural objection.

After Roger Stone conviction, star witness against him feels 'horrible'

Randy Credico told Yahoo News that he was in tears upon learning of the verdict and did not want to see Stone go to jail because of his testimony.

Ukrainian energy company tied to Hunter Biden supported American think tank, paid for trips

Burisma gave more than $450,000 to the Atlantic Council, a prominent Washington think tank.

Trump 'fighter' Jim Jordan likely won't get much airtime in impeachment hearings

For all the hype surrounding the move by House Republicans to place Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on the Intelligence Committee so he can be part of the public impeachment hearings, the conservative firebrand is not likely to have much of a role to play based on the rules governing the hearings.