Russian Bombshell UFC Fighter Says She Turns Blind Eye to Deluge of Naked Pics From Sex Pervs

Russian UFC star Alexandra Albu has complained about trashy pictures coming in torrents to her inbox, which she checks herself, stressing she enjoys the freedom of leading her accounts personally as well as keeping in touch with regular fans seeking her advice and attention.

Russian Pacific Fleet Forms Six Crews For New Military Vessels

Earlier in the month, Russia’s Defence Ministry stated that it had decided to reinforce the Russian Pacific Fleet with a new Borei-class attack submarine, the Knyaz Oleg (Prince Oleg), which can carry up to 16 RSM-56 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Dark Horses Russia Hope to Spring a Surprise on Japan in 2019 Rugby World Cup Opener

When the Rugby World Cup was held in Britain in 2015, Japan pulled off one of the greatest shocks in the sport’s history when they beat South Africa. Sputnik looks at this year’s tournament and wonders who could be the David against rugby’s Goliaths.

Israeli PM Netanyahu Urges His Rival Gantz to Join Him in Broad Unity Government

According to the preliminary results from the recent elections, Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing party Likud has gained 32 of 120 seats in the parliament, while the opposition Blue and White alliance, led by Benny Gantz will be represented by 33 MPs.

Little Nap for Little Doggo: Cute Golden Retriever Nuzzles in Bed

Even the most prolific dogs need to relax sometimes in order to recharge their battery – and little canines need even more sleep to become big and strong doggos.

Over 33% of Bermuda Residents Left Without Electricity by Humberto Hurricane – Company

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – About 22,470 out of some 65,000 residents of the Bermuda Islands have been left without electricity by the Humberto hurricane, the Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO) electricity-generating company said on Wednesday.

Tokyo’s Refitted Aircraft Carriers Will Fly USMC F-35Bs Before Japan Gets Jet

When Japan’s two Izumo-class ships complete their retrofit and become proper aircraft carriers, they’ll fly US Marine Corps F-35Bs before getting Japanese versions of the advanced jet.

700 Kg Cannabis Seized in India as Drug Trafficking Gang Busted

New Delhi (Sputnik): Police in India’s Uttar Pradesh state have confirmed that they busted a major interstate drug trafficking operation following the seizure of nearly 700 kilograms of cannabis.

Yemen's Houthis Say Ready to Attack Targets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

DOHA (Sputnik) - The rebels from the Ansal Allah movement (Houthis), who seized power in northern Yemen, threatened on Wednesday to attack the largest UAE cities, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, after a massive drone strike oil facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Einstein’s Theory Backed by ‘Hairless’ Black Holes Reverberating With Overtones in Space

Einstein didn’t single out any distinguishing characteristics of black holes other than their mass and spin, and the approach seems to be largely accurate, although leaving some room for scientific contemplation whether there could be something at least slightly "hairy" in the insatiable cosmic void.

India to Rewrite Chapters of Its Border History Amid Conflict With Pakistan and China

New Delhi (Sputnik): The Indian Defence Ministry has asked eminent historians to rewrite the country's border history amid a conflict along its northern and western frontiers.

Viral Video of Indian PM Releasing Butterflies on Birthday Evokes Contradictory Responses

New Delhi (Sputnik): India’s leading man, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, celebrated his 69th birthday in his home state of Gujarat and visited the world’s largest Statue of Unity, where he released a basket full of butterflies, leaving many critical of the act and others amused.