It’s working… it’s not: The Indian government’s view of the coronavirus lockdown

The wide diversion in projections does not present a very reassuring picture.

An agriculture outlier, the peanut industry is holding up during Covid-19

The global price of peanuts has increased by more than 11% since the beginning of the year.

Quartz Japan:世界で次に起こること


Taylor Swift calls out the "unregulated world of private equity"

Accepting a Woman of the Decade award, she highlighted her powerlessness in the face of a "harmful force" in music.



The UK's first-past-the-post electoral system is failing democracy

Now, more than ever, Britons need reform. But they won't get it.

The stars, teams, and investors turning esports into big business

Global esports revenue is expected to reach $1.1 billion for 2019. How did a pastime become an industry?

The problem with economists using randomized trials in developing countries

There's no evidence to support the claim in this year’s economics Nobel award, that the experimental approach to development policy yields faster growth or development.

Peacocks are becoming more common in Kerala. And that’s not a good sign

The birds usually thrive in arid habitats.

Energize your meetings with empowering videos like the ones used by TED

Brief, well-chosen videos can amplify the purpose of the gathering, underscore a theme, or offer a transition between agenda items.

Health insurers unhappy with denied claims argue case at the Supreme Court

American health insurers say the US government owes them $12 billion for losses in connection to Obamacare. The government is denying their claim.

Netflix has finally outdone Hollywood at the Golden Globes

The streaming giant's investment in prestige cinema is reaping rewards.