Artist takes vagina prints from people he finds on Tinder

Each participant has their vulva painted by Davide, then has to press themselves against a canvas.

Avengers Endgame cast recap entire MCU with epic four-minute 80s track

They didn't start the fire...

Far-right tricked into campaigning for diversity with St George's Cross prank

Tell MAMA distributed heat-reactive t-shirts to far-right nationalists with a secret message.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer warns Man Utd squad over Man City's 'dark arts'


Lil Nas X finally rides a horse to the Old Town Road

… And he rode ‘til he couldn’t anymore.

Why has Anne Hathaway quit drinking alcohol until her son is 18?

There's a very simple explanation.

Man jumped off Humber Bridge in stunt to raise awareness of male suicide

He revealed his motivation after police and coastguard teams were called by witnesses who saw a man 'dangling' from the bridge.

Bacon could get more expensive due to Chinese swine fever outbreak

The disease was first detected in China in 2018.

Line of Duty series 5: Who Is ‘H’? Even the cast are being kept in the dark

You can bet 'H' will be the very last person you suspect in Line of Duty.

When is the next Bank Holiday and how many are left in 2019?

You don't have long to wait.

What Burnley said to Maurizio Sarri to spark tunnel melee and enrage Rudiger

Tempers boiled over at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Police horse dies after falling onto metal pole during football match

The rider is believed to have fallen onto the side of a horsebox and was taken to Royal Preston Hospital.