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Metro - Francheval News
Parents 'let 2-month-old girl die from heroin and cocaine overdose'

Police responded to their house and found Eugene Chandler holding his daughter Marleigh's lifeless body.

Arsenal's new technical director already working with Unai Emery on transfers

Plenty going on behind the scenes...

Amanda Holden continues to laugh off Phillip Schofield drama as she keeps busy

Amanda’s Holden onto her grin amid the drama (see what we did there?).

What is Love Island's Casa Amor and when will it be on the show?

Talk of the second villa just keeps on coming.

Love Island’s Yewande Biala arrives home to the best welcome party

We doubt Danny's going to get this warm of a welcome when he leaves the villa...

Sexual secrets of bull elephants who get more attractive as they age revealed

Male members of an African elephant species have six-foot monster penises which turn green in mating season.

Emma Stone actually slipped on the floor at home, not at Spice Girls gig

We can all calm down.

Pub branded 'unfair' over strict policy banning children from wandering around

'Sadly there are a minority of parents who think it's okay to relinquish control of their parental responsibilities as soon as they enter the pub. '

Can you take wet wipes to Glastonbury or are they banned?

Packing for Glasto can be a headache...

Sainsbury’s is selling Christmas biscuits six months early

You can stock up for the festive season nice and early.

Advert to win London flat banned because rules changed halfway through

Raffle tickets were first advertised in April last year but the closing date and method of entry were both changed during the promotion.

Kirstie Allsopp quit Twitter after she was trolled for smashing kids' iPads

'I think gamers felt that someone was trying to cut their willy off.'