The first all-female spacewalk in history finally (FINALLY!) happened

What a day.

Nespresso VertuoPlus coffee machine on sale for under £100 on Amazon

Zombie-proof coffee.

Jennifer Aniston posts adorable throwback, proves she already has Instagram nailed

Instagram game = off the charts.

Crowdsourced traffic is available for more Google Maps users

Google Maps is becoming more like Waze.

How to (mostly) remove annoying Memoji from the iMessage keyboard

Because they keep appearing on your iMessage keyboard, even though you've never used them.

Half of all active iPhones have made the leap to iOS 13

It's only been a month since iOS 13 launched, but half of all iPhones are already running it.

Fans can spend their Halloween in the 'Addams Family' mansion

This sounds creepy, spooky, and kooky.

The new 'Dickinson' trailer casts Emily as a wild, feminist visionary

Well behaved women rarely make history, and Emily Dickinson is no exception.

Shaky California turns on its long-awaited quake alert app

The temblors are coming.

New Nintendo Switch at lowest price *ever* with this Amazon coupon

Beats last week's deal that only offered a free Amazon gift card.

Watch Rep. Elijah Cummings' first House floor speech

"I only have a minute, 60 seconds in it. Forced upon me, I did not choose it, but I know that I must use it."

The Turkish president apparently threw Trump's ridiculous letter in the trash

He did *not* deeply consider the contents.