Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson Confirms He'll Vote Against Impeachment

Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN) confirmed that he plans to vote against impeaching President Donald Trump over his contacts with Ukraine.

Kevin McCarthy: GOP to Reengage 8.5 Million Voters to Retake House

McCarthy said Republicans think they can retake the House majority in 2020 by turning out millions of voters who backed Trump in 2016.

Dulis: The ‘Pee Tape' Hoax Is Finally, Absolutely Dead

The 9/11 and Kenya conspiracy theorists each had their own pithy, diminutive nicknames: "Truthers" and "Birthers," respectively. I'm proposing a new nickname: the "Rushers."

Virgil: In the Impeachment Battle, It's the Democrats vs. the Constitution

Democrats have recalled George Mason’s 18th century definition of impeachment but not that Mason’s definition was rejected at the time.

Trump Hails UK Election Result, 'Massive Trade Deal After Brexit'

Donald Trump has hailed Boris Johnson "great WIN!", anticipating a British-American free trade agreement bigger and better than with the EU.

Trump Accused of Antisemitism for Executive Order Protecting Jews | Breitbart

Critics accused Trump of antisemitism because of an erroneous tweet by the New York Times about an executive order to fight discrimination.

***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Pennsylvania Rally | Breitbart

President Donald Trump will hold a Tuesday evening rally in Pennsylvania hours after House Democrats introduced two articles of impeachment against him. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. | 2020 Election

Adam Schiff: Congress Must Impeach Trump to Stop Him in 2020

Schiff essentially admitted that Democrats must impeach President Trump quickly in order to stop him from prevailing in 2020.

Dem Smears on Nunes FISA Abuse Memo Proved False by DOJ IG Report

Dems last year smeared Nunes when he issued a memo with findings that the FBI abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act process.

Peter Navarro: Impeachment Will Cost Nancy Pelosi the Speakership | Breitbart

The top White House trade adviser says Americans will turn against Democrats for focusing on impeachment rather than "the people's business." | Economy

***Live Updates*** House Judiciary Committee Holds Second Impeachment Hearing | Breitbart

The House Judiciary Committee will hold its second impeachment inquiry hearing on Monday. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. | Politics

Joe Biden Contradicts Top Adviser, Claims Was Never Warned About Burisma

Joe Biden claimed staffers never warned that his son's work for Burisma posed a conflict of interest—contradicting one of his top advisers.