Stephen Miller: Trump Exploring Legal Options to End Anchor Baby Policy

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller says Trump is reviewing "all legal options" to end the country's birthright citizenship policy.

NY Times Admits Editor's Comments Were Racist, Antisemitic | Breitbart

The Times made the admission several days after Breitbart News exposed the paper's racist and antisemitic comments on Twitter.

G7 Surprise: Donald Trump Announces Trade Deal Agreement with Japan

President Donald Trump announced a new trade deal with Japan on Sunday, during the G7 summit of world leaders in France.

G7: Trump Says Boris 'Right Man for the Job' on Brexit, Hails UK-U.S. Deal

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson expect "a very big trade deal" after Brexit, with Trump calling Johnson "the right man for the job" at the G7.

Video: Gaffe-Prone Biden Confuses New Hampshire with Vermont

Biden praised the beauty of neighboring state Vermont after reporters asked for his thoughts on Keene, New Hampshire.

MSNBC Thought Police Say It's 'Incendiary' to Believe in Two Genders

MSNBC is attacking Republicans as "incendiary" for stating the scientific fact that there are only two genders.

Ocasio-Cortez: Electoral College is ‘Affirmative Action' for Rural Americans | Breitbart

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) continued her verbal assault on the Electoral College, this time smearing the Constitutional system that guarantees big states don’t have undue influence in electing the president as an “electoral affirmative action” scheme for rural Americans. | Politics

Nolte: It's Time for the Media to Stop Empowering White Supremacists

The media make white supremacists successful by reacting with outrage and fear, which empowers white supremacism.

Joe Biden Asks Audience to Imagine 'If, God Forbid, Barack Obama Had Been Assassinated' | Breitbart

Joe Biden asked a college audience to imagine what would have happened "if, God forbid, Barack Obama had been assassinated" in 2008.

Activist: Elizabeth Warren's 'Squatter' Ancestors Complicit in Cherokee Oppression

A Native American activist and slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in an op-ed published featured in the HuffPost Friday.

Trump Orders U.S. Companies to Look for Alternatives to China | Breitbart

Trump signals a big escalation in the trade war after China announces retaliatory tariffs.| Economy

Billionaire and GOP Mega-Donor David Koch Dead at 79

David Koch, one of the United States' richest men and a longtime political power player, has passed away at 79 years old.