Russia banned from next Olympics and World Cup soccer

LAUSANNE/MOSCOW - Russia was banned from the world's top sporting events for four years on Monday, including the next summer and winter Olympics and the 2022 football World Cup, for tampering with doping tests. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) executive committee acted after concluding that Moscow had planted fake evidence and deleted files lin

Spray-painted polar bear sparks alarm in Russia

A video showing a polar bear daubed with painted slogan T-34, the name of a Soviet era tank, has caused alarm in Russia with experts saying it could prevent the bear hunting. Local media reported Tuesday that scientists had marked the bear because it was scavenging for food near a human-inhabited area in the Arctic region. The video was posted on

Two boys in US develop rare meningitis after chickenpox vaccine reactivates

According to a recent American study published in the journal, Pediatrics, two 14-year-old boys had developed meningitis from receiving a chickenpox vaccine. One of the boys had a history of leukaemia, and temporary symptoms included numbness and slurred speech. The other boy, however, was reported to be healthy previously. Both boys, however, w

That frenzied Black Friday crush? Not this year

The frenzy associated with Black Friday shopping was missing this year as US retailers offered earlier discounts and more consumers shopped online, though spot checks around the country showed traffic picked up after a sluggish morning. “It’s slow now because we had a big, big rush last night,” said Target electronics salesman Evan Houser, 22, in

French doctor still treating patients at 98

CHEVILLY-LARUE, France - When French doctor Christian Chenay saw his first patients in 1951, penicillin was state of the art. Now 98 years old, he is still working and opens his surgery in the Paris suburbs two mornings a week for patients, some of whom he has treated for decades. With no health woes of his own - he doesn't even wear glasses duri

Daily roundup: Lin Chi-ling goes wild at wedding afterparty, tries to strip Akira - and other top st

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today. 1. Lin Chi-ling goes wild at wedding afterparty, tries to strip Akira

Fodor's 'no go' list discourages travel to places like Bali, Angkor Wat in 2020

If you want to be a responsible traveller in 2020, do the world a favour and avoid places like Angkor Wat, Barcelona, Bali and the Matterhorn. That's according to Fodor's "No List 2020," which singles out destinations to be avoided due to ethical, environmental and political reasons. "Every year, we use the No List to highlight issues that we're

Flood-hit Venice to face another exceptional high tide on Sunday

MILAN (Reuters) - Venice will face another exceptional high tide on Sunday, after its worst flooding in 50 years on Tuesday caused more than $1 billion worth of damage and submerged St Mark's Square under a metre of water. The tide could reach 160 cm (5.25 feet) just after midday on Sunday, according to Venice's centre for forecast on tides. "It

9-year-old set to become world's youngest university graduate

A nine-year-old boy from Belgium is set to become world's youngest university graduate by the end of this year. Laurent Simons is currently in the final stage of completing his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), Netherlands. He previously completed what was worth five years of study in a matter

Jimmy Carter hospitalized for procedure to relieve brain pressure

Former US president Jimmy Carter was hospitalised on Monday for a procedure to relieve brain pressure after recent falls, his organisation said. The 95-year-old Nobel laureate spent three days in hospital last month after suffering a pelvic fracture. The injury came weeks after he injured his head in a fall at home, recovering quickly to voluntee

New H&M tagline sparks outcry over gender violence association

A new collection from fashion giant H&M has unleashed protests from women's rights campaigners because it includes the slogan "I love GBV", the initials of the designer but also a widely used acronym for gender-based violence. H&M said the slogan, emblazoned on hats, a necklace and boxer shorts with a red heart symbolizing the word "love", was an

Saudi promo video labels feminism, atheism, homosexuality as extremist ideas

DUBAI - A promotional video published by Saudi Arabia's state security agency categorizes feminism, homosexuality and atheism as extremist ideas, even as the conservative Muslim kingdom seeks to promote tolerance and attract foreigners. The animated clip posted on Twitter at the weekend by a verified account of the State Security Presidency said "