MP outlines why a UK-US trade deal will start to repair devastated economies

AN MP has called for the UK to secure a trade deal with the US as the coronavirus pandemics wreaks havoc on the global economy.

How soon can you return to work after the coronavirus lockdown?

In Boris Johnson's new three-step plan, shops could reopen by June, and parts of the hospitality industry could do likewise in July

American companies spent years in an economic boom. Then the coronavirus hit

The pandemic could cast a long shadow, permanently changing how companies spend money, sell goods and run their businesses.

EasyJet, Heathrow want early exit from UK quarantine rules

Britain's easyJet urged the government to only keep quarantine requirements for a short period, while Heathrow Airport called for a plan to re-open borders, as new travel rules sent shockwaves through an industry already on its knees.

Inside the NHL Network’s documentary on Bobby Orr and the 1970 Bruins

'It’s not this mythic thing. It’s true,' producer Brian Murphy says of the inspiration for 'The 1970 Bruins: Big, Bad & Bobby.'

Global stocks lifted by Covid-19 lockdown relaxation measures – business live

European and Asian shares rise as economies start to reopen, despite fears of a second wave in some countries

Stunning, high-res photos of Jupiter find holes in the Great Red Spot

Holy Great Red Spot!

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Al fresco dining may be key to NYC’s restaurants reopening

Al fresco dining may be the key to the Big Apple’s post-quarantine restaurant scene, industry insiders say. Social-distancing rules mean that restaurants could be forced to reopen with 50 percent f…

French passengers exempt from UK quarantine plans

The UK government says the new measures will not apply to those travelling from France.

Brewers fear for their livelihoods with glut of beer

The closure of bars, restaurants and terraces has left the world with an ocean of unconsumed lager. Millions of litres of the liquid are stored in stadiums, garages, basement facilities and unused de…

Quarantine could finish off hundreds of travel firms, industry figures warn

‘Ministers are telling people they cannot travel for the foreseeable future. Airlines will ground their operations,’ said Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK