POLITICO Playbook: Trump: ‘I have second thoughts about everything’

Top aides say Trump still determined to hike China tariffs

Trump confused the situation Sunday when asked at the G-7 summit whether he is having second thoughts about ratcheting up the trade war with China.

Democrats’ health care split squeezes Senate contenders

Republican strategists are already working relentlessly to tie vulnerable Democratic incumbents to Medicare for All.

Democrats can’t just unwind Trump’s foreign policy

Through executive orders, regulatory changes, political maneuvers and sometimes mere neglect, the president has overseen major, possibly permanent, shifts in U.S. foreign policy.

Haley-Pence rivalry heats up as GOP weighs post-Trump future

Interviews with top Republicans reveal they're watching each other warily ahead of a potential 2024 showdown.

The alt-right manifesto that has Trumpworld talking

An anonymous book author has lit the online right on fire — including some in the president’s orbit.

Trump: 'Chosen one' remark was sarcasm

Trump made the remarks before leaving for the G7 summit in france.

Trump dismisses recession warnings: 'I always find a way to win'

The president has crowed about the state of the economy despite words of caution from within his administration.

POLITICO Playbook: Here’s what happened to the GOP’s moderate wing

And President Donald Trump abandons an effort to secure major foreign aid budget cuts.

EU officials draft radical plan to take on US and Chinese tech giants

In addition to Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, leaked document lists Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent as firms Europe needs to rival.

European officials draft radical plan to take on Trump and U.S. tech companies

In a bid to counter Trump, EU officials are proposing to unilaterally slap tariffs on the United States.

Emails show Veterans Affairs officials' scorn for 'Mar-a-Lago 3'

In the emails, the staff humored the three Trump friends while ignoring their advice, which they considered potentially disruptive to veteran health care.