Daily roundup: Gear up with our survival guide to queueing up for the new iPhone 11 - and other top

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today. 1. ​Gear up with our survival guide to queueing up for the new iPhone 11 Over the next couple of days,hundreds of people young and old will sacrifice their time and sanity to get their hands on the latest iPhones on Sept 20... » READ MORE

Posh pollution - the exclusive London neighborhoods with toxic air

Residents of some of London's most exclusive areas are living with toxic levels of air pollution, according to a new poster campaign that aims to shine a light on the hidden killer. Billboards have gone up in Chelsea and Westminster, where homes regularly sell for millions, warning they might cost "an arm, leg and a lung" - a play on a British phr

British fugitive fraudster jailed after 15 years on the run

LONDON - A British fraudster has been sentenced to nine years in jail and ordered to pay 900,000 pounds (S$1.5 million) after spending 15 years on the run, the UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) said on Wednesday. Christopher Woodhead, a 66-year-old former company director of chemical paint companies, used fictitious invoices, loans and cash transfers

Study finds bacteria in babies different after C-section births

LONDON - A huge study of babies' stool samples has found key differences between infants born vaginally and via Caesarean section, offering clues about the development of the human immune system, researchers said on Wednesday. Vaginally born babies got most of their gut bacteria from their mother, but C-section babies did not and had more bacteria

Norway mosque shooter 'killed teenage sister over her 'Chinese origin'

A Norwegian man accused of killing his stepsister before opening fire in a mosque near Oslo in August had racist motives, police said on Tuesday, confirming he shot her because of her Chinese origin. Philip Manshaus, 22, was arrested after opening fire in the Al-Noor mosque in an affluent Oslo suburb on August 10 before he was overpowered by a 65-

Man facing the sack in New Zealand brings clown to office

SYDNEY - An employee of a New Zealand advertising company hired a professional clown to sit with him as his support person at a redundancy meeting in which he was fired, the Stuff New Zealand reported. Joshua Jack, a copy writer for advertising agency FCB in Auckland who according to his Facebook page sometimes performs as a comedian, decided to h

US woman crosses Channel four times in record-breaking swim

LONDON - US endurance swimmer Sarah Thomas has become the first person to swim across the English Channel four times without stopping, refuelling only on a liquid formula during her 54-hour feat. The 37-year-old woman from Colorado performed her record-breaking swim a year after receiving treatment for breast cancer, and dedicated her achievement

Elon Musk claims 'pedo' term used against Thailand cave rescue diver not an insult

LOS ANGELES - Tesla founder Elon Musk said in a court filing on Monday (Sept 16) that he did not mean to accuse a British caver of paedophilia when he referred to him as "pedo guy" in a tweet. Mr Musk, who is being sued for defamation in Los Angeles by Mr Vernon Unsworth, who helped in the dramatic rescue of 12 boys trapped in an underwater cave i

Mint, menthol e-cigarette liquids high in cancer-causing compound: Study

NEW JERSEY - A cancer-causing compound banned by US regulators last year as a food additive has been found at potentially dangerous levels in mint and menthol flavoured e-cigarette liquids and smokeless tobacco products, researchers said on Monday (Sept 16). The findings, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, provided the latest evidenc

Daily roundup: How to rent out your HDB flat without an agent in 9 easy steps - and other top storie

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today. 1. ​How to rent out your HDB flat without an agent in 9 easy steps If you are contemplating to rent out your spare room or even lease out the entire HDB flat, you have come to the right place!» READ MORE

120 million workers around the world need reskilling as result of automation: Study

As many as 120 million workers from the world's 12 largest economies, including Indonesia, may need to participate in re-skilling programmes in the next three years as a result of automation enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), according to a recent study. The study released by technology giant IBM's Institute for Business Value found that it

Famed ancient skeletons buried hand-in-hand revealed to be two men

A pair of ancient skeletons known as the "Lovers of Modena" after being found in Italy buried hand-in-hand were actually two men, Italian scientists have found. Discovered in 2009 in the northern city of Modena, the remains, dating from between the 4th and 6th centuries AD, had degraded so much it was thought impossible to determine their gender a