Hong Kong protester shot in street confrontation with police

Incident was broadcast live on Facebook as protesters blocked traffic following a weekend of chaos across Chinese city.

Socialists win Spain election, but far-right doubles seat count

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez facing difficult negotiations after second election this year results in hung parliament.

Iran downs drone over southern port city of Mahshahr: IRNA

Iran confirms its forces shot down the drone, adding that it belonged to a foreign country, state news agency reported.

UK: Green Party launches 'climate election' campaign

The Greens want to take advantage of the low cost of borrowing in a last-ditch attempt to save the planet.

Iran starts injecting uranium gas into centrifuges at Fordow

Latest move means Fordow will move from its permitted status of research plant to become an active nuclear site.

Nigerian police free 259 people from Islamic institution

Many captives said they were physically and sexually abused and chained up to prevent them from escaping.

Chile protests: Chileans demand new constitution amid unrest

Although it has undergone reforms over the decades, Chile's constitution was written during the Pinochet dictatorship.

Pakistan PM Khan rejects calls to step down

Tens of thousands of followers of Maulana Fazal-ur Rehman have gathered in Islamabad, calling for the resignation of what they say is an illegitimate government.

Why thousands continue to protest in Lebanon's Tripoli

Severe economic deprivation in the northern city means locals have little reason to return to normal life.

Is enough being done to prevent armed attacks?

US State Department warns of new threats in latest country reports on terrorism.

Sri Lanka election commission censors state TV in lead-up to vote

Independent Television Network (ITN) accused of bias against opposition frontrunner Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Libya Renditions: The CIA, MI6 and Gaddafi's Secret Prisons

How British and US secret services collaborated with the former Libyan regime to detain and torture dissidents.